Stoll India with its state of the art service centre in its NOIDA plant has emerged as one of the foremost service centre in terms of providing comprehensive services in trouble shooting, reconditioning, bed setting and much more.

Where the holding company of Stoll India has carved a niche for itself in the textile machines market, the Indian subsidiary also, has left no stone unturned to make its own mark, besides the rich heritage it already owns. The active participation of Stoll India in various market endeavors continuously demonstrates its excellence along with a drive to excel.

This is illustrated by the fact that Stoll India has developed some of the most classic patterns for country’s top designers besides participating in projects sponsored by BBC as well as participating in various design shows conducted by N.I.F.T. Delhi and Northern Institute of Fashion Technology, Chandigarh. These patterns are developed for sale to various businesses which in turn, implement these patterns to develop their own range of products.

Stoll India is also actively involved in research and development of latest designer flat knitted garments with the help of computer aided textile design systems by using the fully fashioned Stoll flat knitting machines. These designs are meant to be given to the industry for applications on their Stoll flat knitting machines.

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